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“Because every great relationship begins with a conversation…”
You are demanding.  Busy. Looking to grow your business and keep existing clients happy. Managing a diverse group of sales producers--from the “heavy hitters” to the slackers. You don't have the time nor desire to micro-manage your lead generation system, much less deal with telemarketing call centers staffed by clueless automatons who don’t know an “ex-date” from an “ex-mod.”

For over twenty years, Martell Media consultants have helped commercial insurance agencies grow their business and increase profitability by developing successful marketing campaigns which quickly generate qualified new business prospects and critical marketing information. And keep it all on track. To get your producers in the door with the right person. So they can open relationships and close sales.

Services include:
Outsourced lead generation
and appointment setting programs 

Develop in-house lead generation capability--
from "turnkey" call center to just improving the results of your existing in-house programs  

Lead follow up and tracking systems (measure results, keep people accountable)

and hiring of in-house prospectors

Targeted marketing campaign development from A to Z

Scripting (not a straightjacket -- just a focused approach)

Assistance with Contact Management systems (, Goldmine, ACT, etc)

Seminar bookings
-- increase attendee turnout 
Seminar / trade show follow-up -- don’t let those good leads fall through the cracks

, written collateral marketing materials (sales letters, brochures, ad and website copy, plus much more)

“Prospecting for Sales Producers”
Intensive Boot Camp.
     Expert cold calling and prospecting skills
       Group or one-on-one training
       Producers (veterans or newbies) and/or existing internal teleprospectors
       In person or on the phone
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