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Prospecting Bootcamp Intensive for Producers

You know insurance. You have a book of business and are looking to expand, or you’re a newcomer and want to put those much needed accounts on the books.

You know that you have to prospect but loathe the idea of cold calling strangers. You hate the stigma attached with “telemarketing”. Or you’re “biting the bullet” and getting on the phone, but are not getting the results you want. Leads are falling through the cracks, and its hard to keep on top of leads already in the pipeline -- if you have one at all. Management is on your back to produce results. Now.

Martell Media has successfully trained producers and in-house teleprospectors, using proven techniques of top salespeople, gleaned from over 20 years of experience “in the trenches” -- both on the phone and in the field. We’ve taken the best of what works -- and discarded the rest. No hokey techniques nor sleazy boiler room gimmicks. A solid, professional “consultative” approach, that helps you meet your quota, without compromising your integrity or losing your mind.

In just one intensive  training day, you’ll learn the critical skills needed to get in front of new and better qualified prospects. The phone is an effective tool, especially when used in conjunction with other media. But there’s more to it than just picking up the phone and “smiling and dialing.” You may know insurance inside and out, but the unique medium that is the phone requires specific skills and techniques in order to be effective. We’re not insurance experts-- we’re just people who’s sole occupation for twenty years has been getting field sales people in front of the right person to tell their story. From large Fortune 500 CEOs, to Ma and Pa startups.

Many of the cold calling and prospecting training and books out there are good, but they’re designed from a generalist’s perspective. We, on the other hand, have been working in various aspects of the insurance industry for two decades. We know your unique environment and its challenges. We speak your language.

Prospecting Bootcamp Highlights

The Training

One day intensive training at your agency. Thorough, comprehensive and real world application.

Training that addresses one of the most important key elements of building your book of business

Skills, techniques and positioning to get you in front of a qualified insurance buyer and decision maker.

Most sales training is focused on what to do after you get in the door.

This training addresses that first component-- getting you in the door in the first place

It doesn’t matter how good your story is if you have no one to tell it to.

Content-rich and interactive.

The Big Picture

Benefits of direct prospecting: One on one, interactive and “real time”

Your unique Value Proposition -- what you really do, and how it will benefit your client

What’s in if for ME?” Crafting a succinct, consistent message that addresses what prospects really want to know. (Remember, its not about you, your company or your service, its about them -- ALWAYS)

Making sure that your conversations, collateral marketing pieces, letters, emails, voicemails all tell the same story.

The “Mental Game” (winning at prospecting)

See Newsweek -- “Cold Calling Not Dead”

Creating a call structure, not a rigid “script” to keep conversations focused

The Best Skills and Techniques

Consultative Prospecting Skills (engaging the prospect in a dialogue that elicits quality responses and trust)

Active Listening (Its more than just a “nice thing to do“, its critical to your success)

Qualifying (Eliminating the tire kickers and the time wasters)

Getting past “gatekeepers” (Step by step: what to say to receptionists and adminstrative assistants, and nope -- no lying nor double-talk required.)

Find the real decision makers (Talk to the circus ringmaster, not the clowns.)

You've got the decision maker on the phone -- now what?

Establish rapport and trust (beyond the “congratulate them on the swordfish on their wall” school of rapport building. Real world techniques and best practices used by the top sales pros and marketing experts.)

How to turn those “warm referral leads” into closed business

Call reluctance -- eliminated

How one simple technique eliminates the stigma attached to cold calling

Where most cold-calling and “telemarketing” techniques fail

Expand on the skills you already use right now when generating referral business

No need for a fake “phone personality” or bogus “boiler room” tactics

Get appointments AND keep your integrity

Close on the appointment

Preventing appointment cancellations (simple steps to ensure that prospects don't "bail.")

Tracking and Managing your results

Setting and attaining specific goals

Creating tracking systems to keep on target

Keep leads in your pipeline from falling through the cracks

Creating meaningful reports for management

Best practices with contact management tools like, Goldmine and ACT. 

Take charge of your prospecting and fill the pipeline -- and expand your book of business.
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